Friday, September 4, 2009

Do You Really Love a Woman?

This is a story about a guy who has a BIG crush over a girl since TWO year ago and decides to ask her to be his "special" one tomorrow, on her 21st birthday and he plans to pop the question. How much did he loved her? I think what he did for her was very genuine and nothing but pure love from his heart.

His planning started in June when he decided to shape up his body and take measures so that he looks good on her birthday. He then came up with a master plan on how to ask her the question and Voila! He plan to build her a HOUSE! Not a real house but his "dream" house with her in the future in model form. Why build a small model when you can always buy something sweet and nice from vivo or plaza sing like a teddy bear or a dress or bag? It's because she is an architecture student and he would like to understand how she feels when making a project. It's not any "cincai" model. The model has drawings with accurate scales and front view, side view, top view and etc!! Everything was brought into consideration!

During the summer break, he went all out to consult architecture seniors on how to draw and build his DREAM HOUSE for her! After finalizing his sketch, he then started buying materials and building the model! Being an engineering student, we are hopeless when it comes to small mini stuffs like building models. Besides, having stubby fingers doesn't help much also. He still perseveres to build his love, their dream house. I wouldn't have the patience to slowly do pillar by pillar, stairs by stairs.........

THEN, after 8 weeks of hard work, sweat, determination, frustration, impatience, "tu-lan-ness" and etc, he finally manages to complete the model on time :) He managed to build a double-storied bungalow with every level custom designed!! I will let the pictures below express his love for the girl
Front view of the model house.. the guy's name is andrew and her name is ee zhen :)
Top view of the house
Top view of the house but different angle. yes, that IS a swimming pool! ;)
Top view of the house without the rooftop
Another top view
Grand entrance into the house
Side view of the house. Note the small details eg, the stair case and pillarsCurvature into the polystyrene, indicating the swimming pool
Front view of the first storey. Sorry bout the lighting :(
Playing around with my camera's setting. Level 1
Yeah still playing with my camera's effect :P
This is the car porch ;) he's gonna park his Meh-cheh-lis and her BNW
Now, this is Andrew Eh Ping Terng, the guy who went beyond the norm of engineers to do architecture stuffs! With this post, i sincerely wish you all the best and good luck with your plan!!

P/S: Andrew is already on his way to her hostel as i post this! Niahahah


~andrew~ said...

Nooooooooooo........... Too detailed...T.T

Correction: I didnt plan to ask her la.. Just to let her know I like her.. Now she knows:-)

Lyn said...

beautiful :) i'm sure she's touched! hehe

Carrine said...

aww thats so sweet.

Calvin Tan said...

amazing rite? hahah andrew power la

.: pchze :. said...

Aww! eh this is super super super sweet! and the house model is awesome!