Thursday, May 29, 2008

7 days roadtrip around Malaysia (Penang part 3)

the date is 9th January 2008..everybody enjoyed a lil bit more of sleep cause we did not have to rush to visit places in penang since we had free accomodation..haha when need to pay for a place to sleep, all wanna save money so faster go out and visit places..had roti banjir at one of the mamak stalls near the apartment..we only began our walking journey across usm again to the bus stop at bout 10+ which was kinda HOT (note : the weather affected our jorney later on) at that we took the bus to Komtar so that we can transit to the famous Kek Lok Si Temple..picture below shows the temple from far away and the construction cranes on the left are well, for the construction of the gigantic, fantastic, plastic, monochromatic Guan Yin statue..
as we borded down the bus, darren did this,

darren : eh f*ck!!! i think i lost my handphone!
everybody panicked, sin loong ran for the bus asking the driver to stop so that darren can go up and see whether it's in the bus while the rest of us trying to dial his number in case will come out bunyi..after searching the bus, he came down disappointed, so we keep calling his of us said mayb terdrop inside the bus on the way to Komtar..suddenly,

darren : eh i think i left my handphone at home la :P sorryyy

gang : eh wtf la you!! nnb, knn, ccb, walaueh, noob ballz, go suck d*ck la and etc...we all took out our bad word dictionary and put it to good use for the next 10mins :P hahah but we were laughing all the way also la..pheww luckily no funny indian man saying TAK LEH again..

so we all walked up the small steps towards the temple..the temple was HUGE!!!! it was the biggest temple i've seen..i've been to the temple when i was very small so i didn't know how big it was but now, just wow man... a view from inside the big temple
thousands of smaller statues of Buddha..tried counting them but then lost count at bout hundred plus x(
posing with the statues..note sin loong's cool po-se (pronounced in mandarin :P)
another view from inside the's very green inside la..haha trees around
so we walked to one of the biggest attraction in the temple, the pagoda..always if you watch the chinese shows like monkey god (su mu kong woohoo) got this pagoda to trap evil people inside..haha we had to pay a small fee of RM2 to climb the pagoda till the highest part..

the pagoda
in front of one of the big gates
view from top of the pagoda..spectacular view below
justin at the bottom of the pagoda
after coming down the pagoda, we saw a bell where with every knock, you donate a sum of money which is fixed amount la so RM1 is good :) it's something that we buddhist say it'll like bless you and your family kind? something like that la..haha..we headed to the top of the temple where you have to take a tram up which cost RM4 for a two way trip up and down..justin did not follow us up and stayed down instead because he just visited the temple 1 week before with his classmates before joining us..i don't know how to describe the place but it looks something like this,

small garden + lake picture on top shows the small tram station on top of the temple..not far away from the tram station, was another smaller temple with it's own garden filled with the 12 chinese zodiac animals..look on the left and right along the way leading to the temple and you can see the zodiacs..

since we were all borned in the year of the DRAGON, we posed with the mighty dragon..can't see most of the dragon cause too many of us

and since wai hong is the only one borned in the year of the SNAKE, he's the one man standingas we turned around, we saw jin wen doing this...

to the lil doggies that make up the chair..walaueh so desperado lo..sad case ballz

wai hong : hahah play summor..inside temple do this kinda things :P

jin wen : eh eh ya heh ya heh..sorry sorry *hands clasps together* pai pai..pai pai

jin wen doing the cool pose again but compared to sin loong's earlier pose, i think jin wen's nicer :P

anyway, there was a massive construction going on there as said earlier which looks something like this...

apparently, they are gonna build something like this

in order to build this giant statue, of course you need money, REALLY ALOT of there was some booths set up to sell items and one of it was the bamboo which is gonna be used as roof tiles..they were selling them for RM30 and they will write your name, your father's name, your mother's name and basically your whole family's names! haha but all of us didnt do it :P still a normal trip remember? besides, who's gonna climb up to the roof to see whether your name in on it??

so after that, we took the tram we borded the tram, we heard an aunty shouting for us guy..

aunty : boy ar boy! somebody dropped a wallet! who's who's? (in mandarin)

everybody started molesting themselves frantically..and then

jin wen : aunty! that wallet is mine (in mandarin)

wai hong : see told you don play with the dog at the temple bench d..

gang : wahahahah! wakakakka!! omgwtfbbqsauce! wahahahah

anyway, the aunty was nice enough and even engaged a long conversation with us..well actually it was only jin wen who was talking with the aunty..they even exchanged numbers so when the aunty visits malacca, they can call jin wen ;) *evil laugh* when we reached the bottom, we said bye to the aunty and hello to an uncle which justin met while he was waiting for us at the tram station..the uncle was nice enought to offer his service as our unofficial tour guide because justin told him bout our travlling story and since he was an old timer in penang, we then said okay..err i kinda forgot his name d *sorry uncle :( didnt mean to forget*

sin loong doing another one of his funny poses..and the old man on the right is our unofficial tour guide :)

after getting out of the temple, we headed down the road for some authentic penang laksa..apparently, this shop has been here for agesss..i've been here when i was small and i can still remember the metal tables and chairs..obviously the laksa was good so i highly recommend it to all who visits penang ;)

next, uncle said there was another temple around that area within walking distance which is the Tua Pek Kong Temple aka Bat's we walked and we walked and we was kinda far though..we stopped by a yong tau foo shop (fishcake and fishballz shop) which uncle claims to be nice..unfortunately, they were just starting to get ready to open shop and ingredients were still cooking :( tough luck..and so we finally reached the Tua Pek Kong's Temple..

picture of the temple..

a bat's temple will not be called a bat's temple if there weren't any bats rite? so, we went into a small cave like area which was dark..then we heard a *tick* at the back which was uncle switchin on a light bulb to show us the lil bats hanging on the wall..

we took some time off at the temple because there was a resting area for visitors..uncle said we could help ourselves to the food and drinks in the we had some herbal tea and biscuits to freshen up..we discussed bout where to go i mentioned earlier, the weather was extraordinarily HOT!! then suddenly somebody mentioned bout the lovely swimming pool in the apartment which looks something like this

walaueh so irresistable man!! hahah then we all decided to head back home to enjoy the swimmin pool that day! hahah or not i think uncle still has a place or two in mind to bring us..anyway, since he really insisted to be our tour guide, he said he would want to take us up Penang Hill aka Bukit Bendera (why can't it be called Flag Hill or Bukit Penang? make noob tourist like us confused only..haiz..) so anyway, we made arrangements with uncle at 10am tomorrow morning..and then we headed back to the apartment where we had to transit at Komtar then to USM..

as soon as we reached the apartment, we quickly changed and the jumped into the pool! woohooo!! wheee!! haha so nice to dip inside the cool water after walking in the hot sun for a day :) they had a small jacuzzi as well so we just sat there and enjoy yhe thumping..after the jacuzzi, we went to the sauna! haha gotta make full use of the facility if we're staying there rite? :P hehe after enjoying the evening, we went hunting for food..everybody debated on where to the end, we ended up in a small cafe along the road :) havin some kind of promotion la of course..hehe we kinda kiamsap ;) *haha stories at the cafe shall be a secret and not continued*

dinner was OKAY only la..not very fantastic but the waitress was friendly and even had a lil chat with us..we went back to the apartment, settled money, watch tv and then sleep..we have a date with uncle at 10AM remember? ;)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

7 days roadtrip around Malaysia (Penang part 2)

so we stayed in the so called "budget" hotel as claimed by the taxi drivers for a night..everyone was kinda pissed cause we had to fork out so much for accomodation! actually justin has an aunty who is in penang but we don't wanna trouble her la..having 8 rowdy bastards in a clean house is a no-no..HOWEVER, in the end, justin called his aunt and next thing you know, we were at her hse for d next 2 nights!! haha all of us woke up early because there were a few tourist attraction spots around georgetown before we checked out of the hotel such as:
Guan-yin Temple (Goddess of Mercy Temple) couldn't take many photos there due to the gigantic amount of smoke around! look at the size of the incense they are burning!!! gosh we went in and came out in a jiffy!
Khoo Kongsi which was nice..all of us got stickers and a post card as we paid the RM5 entrance fee :) a brief history of khoo kongsi is that it is a clan association of the Leong San Tong (Dragon Mountain Hall) clan, whose forefathers came from Sin Kang clan village in Hokkien province..The Khoos were among the wealthy Straits Chinese traders of 17th century Malacca and early Penang..In the 19th century, the clan complex resembled a miniature clan village,
with its own self-government as well as educational, financial, welfare and social organisations.
The clan temple was built in 1906 when the Khoo clan was at the height of wealth and eminence in Penang society..
jaga golie
laughing buddha seems happy :)

khoo kongsi altar
some of the antiques from the khoo kongsi
one of the famous khoo's

what caught my attention was the beautiful paintings on every wall in the large hall! look at the this case, i seriously think that a picture paints a million words :)

admiral on horse as leader of the trooppicture of army dunno wanna attack which country or take possesion of which clan..take their women and gold?

another nice painting on the wall
haha even the things supporting the roof is full with carvings of dragons!

haha we found a room that looks like a old classroom so we all went to sit at the chair so that we could cam-whore there..but then later alex and wai hong saw a projector! alamak it's just a screening room la not old class :( potong steam...

found the rock n roll stick as said by kennysia in one of his entries..i think it's a torture weapon whereby you jab the man in his ass with the index finger and then using your super-de-duper-hulk-superman-ironman strength, lift him up and then jab his bebola with the twinkie finger :D hahaha peace bradder..

fooling around in the gift shop ;)

thats all for our short time excursion before we check out of the hotel at 12pm..we then headed out to KOMTAR where we had to take a bus to the new Queensbay Mall so that justin's aunt comes and we can put out heavy and big bags into her car..we had lunch around the mall and since it was no longer a budget trip, me, darren and sin loong had manhattan's fish market for lunch which cost us a whopping RM27 bux each..since we didnt want to do any shopping, we took the bus to justin aunt's place which was behind University Sains Malaysia (USM)..we had a lil tour around usm cause some of us MIGHT be coming to study just might as well walk around..while walking around, guess who we saw??! KENNETH KOH!! haha he suddenly came up to us in his 125z motor and *pin pin* at us! haha most of the sfi old boys should know him especially scouters :) anyway, it was nice seeing him all healthy again but he did laugh ALOT..hmmm wonder why eh?

so after hegeh-hegeh macam penagih at usm, we walked to the apartment to wait for justin's aunt..justin's aunt was very nice to let us stay in her house and even let us take her master room! this was the view from outside the apartment..looks like sim's city mia city..the apartment was fully equipt with swimming pool and gym..and aunty is paying 1000++per month for rental! phewww...

had nasi kandar pelita for dinner which was awesome and what doubled the awesomeness of the dinner is that justin's aunt paid for all of us :D thx aunty! wonderful we were having our dinner, a bladdy mat rempit did a snatch and run robbery just a few tables beside ours! woohoo the guy just came, grabbed the handphone, and sped of! the victim tried to chase but the mat rempit revved up his motor and was bye-bye..

then we all headed back to rest in the apartment..we wanted to gamble but then not so nice la gamble in people's house and aunty was already asleep by 11..hahah the best part was, only snoring people were allowed to sleep on the bed in the room :D and i'm in the snoring orchestra :D, darren and justin were part of the team :) actually 3 of us was sleeping on the queen sized bed justin on left, darren in middle, me on the right..when justin started snoring sychonisingly with me, darren woke up and slept on the small couch in the room cause he cannot take the snoring heat! poor thing for a 6-footer..*sorry darren*

anyway, before lights out, must pee pee

darren and me peeing in queensbay mall ;)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Season 7 Winner Issss.....

woohoo just watched American idol live on channel5 (Singapore channel)! spectacular event, awesome place to have such a big event, and two competitive young gentlemen vying for the crown of american idol..

i'm not a BIG fan of cook actually..i prefer archie (archuleta)..what i didn't like bout cook is that he sometimes portrays a snobbish young man and if you notice, whenever the judges comment bout his singing, be it good or bad, he rolls his eyes towards the audience instead of looking at the judges..according to simon, archie won 2 out of the 3rounds head on battle between the two davids..archie was OWNING man!!! didn't find cook's performance outstanding and it was just OKAY you know..archie's voice was outstanding and magical! wow really la...

HOWEVER, cook is older, more matured, cool rocker and has the idol "look" ..archie on the other hand is still young and has a looooooong way to go in life..archie would need to further his education to tertiary level where he'll slowly grow up..anyway if archie goes to uni, all the girls would be swarming over him and their panties dropping everywhere..based on movies from america such as AMERICAN PIE, where everything there is about sex, booze and popularity..a conversation between archie and a girl in uni next time:

archie : hi, my name is david archuleta..
girl : hi my name is look familiar..have i met u somewhere? (trying to bluff but actually
getting ready to do stg)
archie : yeah i was in american idol and i was in top TWO..
girl : OMG you're david archuleta!!!! ( panties drops automatically)
archie : wooo ;) i like stripes...grrr

ANYWAY, the point is, archie is cute, young, wonderful singer and a panties dropper in future!
if i was a girl, whenever archie passes in front of me, my knees will go weak and all clothing on my body will drop instantly (okay that sounds super gay and nonsensical :P)

CONGRATULATIONS to david cook again for winning the crown and all the best to archuleta in the future..*cheers*

visit this to watch their perfomances

p/s: sorry for not continuing with my trip entry..will get back to that soon..hehe :)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

7 days roadtrip around Malaysia (Penang Part 1)

as usual, everybody will still be sleeping if someone doesn't wake up and cause a was our 5th day (7th January 2008) travelling around...there was no pressure as we only had to check out of YMCA before darren and sin loong (3 of us who woke up the earliest) decided to cross the road and go over to the indian and chinese temple *the not so famous wan la..* we walked over to the chinese temple and the doors were closed and we were too afraid to go into the indian temple so early in the morning :( in the end we went back to YMCA to wait for them..suddenlyyy,

darren : eh f*ck! i think i lost my phone!
*me and sin loong started taking out our phones to call his phone, while we followed darren back to the room*
darren : eh not in my bag ballz..wah siao liao la... *throwing things up and down*
me : you go see at the lobby just now we sit down watch tv there see got or not?
darren : okok...*100m sprint*

unexpectedly, somebody called my phone using darren's number so i answered,

me : harlo? who is having this phone?
anonymus : harlo?! gua jumpa ni talipon kat indian temple sana
me : serious?? uncle, ar you boleh bawa itu handphone ke YMCA
anonymus : TAK LEH!!!!! *hangs up*
me : oh knnccbomgwtfbbqsauce *face turns pale white :(*
wai hong : oh you're dead man...

THEN, darren burst through the door aughing his head off!!! he was that stupid uncle over the phone!!! i got punk'd early in the morning man...grandmother t*t*k!!! *grab his neck by elbow and started dummy punching his stomach*

everybody got packed and headed for the bus station to take the bus to penang..we took the bus which stops in butterworth instead of georgetown so that we can sit the ferry across..
the yellow taxi

inside the ferry

l-r : justin, sin loong. jin wen
map of penang

as soon as we reached the jetty, taxi drivers came up to us offering their service..we took the one that promised to take us to some place cheap to stay some sort like a budget hotel la..the taxi driver said that they will bring us to another place if we didn't like the budget hotel they recommended..where we reached, we were like waaaa budget hotel is actually an old colonial house which is huge..

not recommended for budget travellers
inside the budget hotel

darren, jin wen and me went to discuss the price of room with the boss..he gave us such a high price which couldn't be reduced anymor *so says he since he's the boss* then so we decided to take 1 room only and just squeeze for the night..and mahai the boss! he go raise the price for the big room! where got such thing??? matta-farker know him..we wanted to tell the taxi drivers to take us to another place but they became david copperfield and vanished! *poof!* so we didn't have any choice but to stay in the stupid hotel rather than carry our BIG bags and walk around georgetown under the scorching afternoon sun rite? each of us paid bout 17bux for that nite at the 'budget' hotel..anyway, the workers there all tu-lan and bo-song the boss for giving us a high price so they gave us extra extra pillows and treated us nicely :)

we went out looking for food and found a small lil kopitiam and decided to eat there since got one aunty says that the mee goreng is we had mee goreng, wan tan mee and satay for late lunch..we shared everything since dinner time was approaching..after lunch, we walked around the place and found so so many small hostels for backpackers! knn punya taxi driver..

we then walked bout 45 mins from georgetown to gurney drive to have dinner..since it was still early, we decided to walk around gurney plaza..guys gotta wash eyes a bit ma..everyday wake up see the same 7 people you think not boring?? but ipoh and penang girls really different la..tall, fair and pretty..hmmm turn left turn right always got new surprises eh lim? ;) also got some SMB but it's okay..

one arse-hole go suggest that we watch movie since we're still early for dinner..HORROR movie summor! the title is 'the house' some thai movie which is not that scary la..the whole cinema went out laughing *those who have experienced watching horror movie with me before, knows the reason why :)* anyway, the movie was a complete was of money! hmmph!

the movie ended at bout 9pm so we decided to have dinner at gurney our shock, it was raining hippopotamus and bears! *potong steam only* so we decided to send 2 scouts over to see whether it's still open dispite the heavy rain while the rest went to buy umbrellas..walked around trying to find a place to buy cheap umbrella since it's a budget trip..the scouts called back and said it was still open! so we quickly quickly bought umbrellas and you know from where? GIORDANO ar! don't play play..from that minute on, it was no longer a budget trip, it was a normal trip..

we were the only customer under the heavy rain..we all squeezed into a small table and since it was raining so heavily, we had to open up the umbrella to cover our sides..had char kueh teow(not so nice cause too comercialised), fried oyster(good cause the oysters kinda big) and the best of all, indian rojak!! it was the best damn food that we had eaten that day! the boss was so generous to give us a BIG serving for a small price :) anybody who goes to gurney, find the indian rojak man who dances while making the rojak!

after our dinner-supper, decided to head back home since we're all wet..waited at a bus stop for half an hour then realised it was the wrong bus stop so walk again to another bus stop across the road but still again no bus..then all decided to sit taxi back to the hotel..when we told the taxi driver we walked to gurney's, he was shocked!! he said the walk was bout 5-7km!!! woohooo we also got a shock *nearly fainted*

developed slight fever that night due to high exposure of acid rain in penang..did not do our gambling routine but slept straight after takin panadols..

*lights out*