Wednesday, November 19, 2008

process of learning~~

this is what i learned from my english tutor:

This is about learning.
The more you learn, 
the more you forget.
The more you forget, 
the less you learn. 
So, if you don't learn anything, 
you won't forget anything
That's PERFECT!!

thank you mrs chan :P

Thursday, November 6, 2008

NUS Raffles Hall concert- Rendezvous

hi it's been long since i updated my blog and some people have been asking me to post up pictures about what have i been doing here in NUS. recently, just about three weeks ago, i was part of a magnificent and awesome concert as a cast member in my halls of residence (Raffles Hall)
my cast members.. aren't we just so colourful? :)

and this is the website that the whole committee came up with :)

anyway, we had practices from 8pm-1am every night for the past 9 weeks just for TWO important days of performance. Tears were shed, anger were released, mid-terms were gambled and sleep was sacrificed.
me and derek (my good buddy) smoking a "cigar". oh we had smaller cigars during performance day.

Ultimately the CAST friendship was formed (the best gift you can reap out of concert) by all and now we the cast member are super close knit together :) first of all, we had to go through a series of dancing, singing and acting before the committee choose there cast members. out of 50 people in their list, 15 were given the privilege to stand on the stage and perform. I was one of them :) if you have visited the website as above, you can see that i play the role of MR. JAMES PEACH- a rich ass with a young wife (trust me my wife is as man as you are guys in real time i mean-sorry crystal-). so, from my name, everything about me MUST and SHALL be peach in color. anyway, they say that the directors choose us due to some special criteria we have eg dancing, singing or acting. in the music department list, we were separated into two groups; applicable to sing and not applicable to sing. and there were only two names in the not applicable to sing list
both of us trying to convince them that we can sing for crying out loud!!! we failed terribly though :( sigh..derek's timing was off, my keys were wrong...

anyway, as mid-terms were approaching and concert to, i had a hard time balancing both and as soon as i get back into my room, i would study study study. don't want to gamble my first exam in singapore you know. in a nutshell, i'm quite happy with the marks i got for mid-terms.
one of the scenes from the whole concert.

the fun-est part was during practice where all of us enjoyed ourselves, pushing the sky-high limit higher into space. my directors say that i sound singlish at times and my enunciation are to be corrected. because of the influence of our malaysian society, i had loads to improve on.

this is a video of san lee (my course mate and cast member) trying to walk like a supermodel or actually trying to act bimbotic ;) haha enjoy the clip. it speaks by itself.

another picture from a scene..even my pyjamas is in peach colour!

then came concert day, the day we've been waiting for. the feeling you get is awesome. anxious on how the crowd would respond to your funny antics and jokes, surprised that awaits you on stage and worries that you might miss a line or two in the whole performance.

first up, is make up. GOSH they put like 7 layers of foundation on my face as they do not want to see a single scar on your face! all my pimple scars were covered and you can really see the difference between the neck and face!
pei lyn (behind me) is my costumer, responsible to apply make up on me and also prepare my clothes to change during scenes.

final product of make-up

i hope they come up with the whole performance video so that i can grab a copy of the performance and show it to you guys back home :) and and and, we will be producing our own album of songs from the cast members somewhere around this year! damn happy la i got album (although i cannot sing)

all in all, the performances for the two days were great. the audience were happy, the alumni was happy, the concert committee members were happy, we were engulfed in joy and happiness!!! i really do not know how to convert my feelings into words. all i can say is just, *hands clapping*. nevertheless the training were tiring and exasperating at times but if you were to ask me to join concert again next year, why not? :) i'm positively positive that it will be another great eXperience for me.

below are just pictures

clara (our director)

kai li (script writer)
wei jian (asst producer- finding money for us to spend)
sam (producer-always encouraging us)