Wednesday, August 20, 2008

busy busy busy busy....

had been very busy for the past few weeks i've started my uni life in NUS..1st week was straight orientation and i was involved in the float dance during that time..for anyone who hasn't seen d movie, here is d link

anyway after the dance, we started schooling and i had to find my way around campus which was kinda exciting in a way. haha i have yet to take pictures of NUS but i will do it real soon!

BUT, i will onli have the chance when october comes because i am in a production in my halls (raffles hall) where i have to dance, sing and act :) kinda interesting and fun la..however, there is always a prawn behind the stone..i have to practice everyday from 8-12am after class from monday to friday for the next 8 weeks! phewwww

well gotta peace out now coz gonna hav classes soon..