Wednesday, December 17, 2008

to help or not to help?

woohooo! finally i'm back home after attending touch rugby training for next year's inter hall games.

was in larkin, johore yesterday to take a bus back to malacca at 7 pm. chilled at mcd while reading LEXEAN, a book that discusses everything and anything in the world from coups in Thailand to the education system in Malaysia. as i was reading the book, Girl A suddenly approached me, representing a charity organization, asking for donations. she blabbered out everything in mandarin which i could barely comprehend and when she finished talking, i was like "huh?" -_- but i did understand a lil that she wants to collect donations to buy pampers for the disabled ranging from RM 35 to RM 55. i told her i did not have enough money and gave her 5 bux out of goodwill. so i continued reading my book.

10 mins later, Girl A's friend, Girl B came up to me asking me to donate again! now Girl B was very persuasive. she stood quite close to me and gave me a few nudges on my triceps. i was like "errr excuse me can you please stop that?" she made me uncomfortable when i stick close to the wall, the wall and me nearly became one. anyway i told her i had already donated and i will not donate again.

at 630, i decided to walked to the platform to wait for the bus. and as i was walking there, Girl B approached me again asking me to DONATE!!! (knnccbwtfmhshkbkbbbqsauce) she followed me for a few minutes trying to persuade me to donate. my broken trolley bag did not help in my attempt to run away from her. it came up to the point where she said something i felt disgusted. because i told her i did not have enough RM to donate, she told me i could donate a combination of SD and RM!!!!! SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK MAN. (ps: i did not tell her i was studying in singapore) i smiled politely and continued walking while telling her i do not have enough cash at hand. thank god she never ask me to donate in NETS. i will end up slapping her. so she left me after i stood firm on my decision of not donating anymore.

the second incident struck when i was already in the bus. a guy suddenly came over to my seat asking whether i would like to put my bag in the top compartment and i said no. he continued asking whether i was alone and i said yes and conveniently sat down beside me. he told me he was an ex-convict, just released that day and wants to go home to malacca......STOP!!! REWIND!!! ex-convict?? honestly i do not have anything against convicts but the fact i was scared because i just took out my psp to play. i was so scared he was gonna point a knife at me and take my valuables. come on peeps, it's johore, infamous for robberies and theft among students.

apparently, he just wanted to ask me for some money to buy a bus ticket back home to see his family. phewwww. what a relieve. he told me he needed 7bux more to get a ticket but i told him i could only help him by giving him 3bux. he tried to squeeze another dollar out from me but i told him sorry i did not have enough change to give him. he shook my hand and left after that.

giving donations to people in need and helping to collect donations from the public is a noble thing to do but till what extend would you do it? how far would your hand reach out? will you donate all you got? (financially or physically?) would you succumb to their sad story and help them? i admit that i am quite stingy when it comes to giving donations now because of a simple reason that i am still a student. in future, when i have the means and ability to donate, i will!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

process of learning~~

this is what i learned from my english tutor:

This is about learning.
The more you learn, 
the more you forget.
The more you forget, 
the less you learn. 
So, if you don't learn anything, 
you won't forget anything
That's PERFECT!!

thank you mrs chan :P

Thursday, November 6, 2008

NUS Raffles Hall concert- Rendezvous

hi it's been long since i updated my blog and some people have been asking me to post up pictures about what have i been doing here in NUS. recently, just about three weeks ago, i was part of a magnificent and awesome concert as a cast member in my halls of residence (Raffles Hall)
my cast members.. aren't we just so colourful? :)

and this is the website that the whole committee came up with :)

anyway, we had practices from 8pm-1am every night for the past 9 weeks just for TWO important days of performance. Tears were shed, anger were released, mid-terms were gambled and sleep was sacrificed.
me and derek (my good buddy) smoking a "cigar". oh we had smaller cigars during performance day.

Ultimately the CAST friendship was formed (the best gift you can reap out of concert) by all and now we the cast member are super close knit together :) first of all, we had to go through a series of dancing, singing and acting before the committee choose there cast members. out of 50 people in their list, 15 were given the privilege to stand on the stage and perform. I was one of them :) if you have visited the website as above, you can see that i play the role of MR. JAMES PEACH- a rich ass with a young wife (trust me my wife is as man as you are guys in real time i mean-sorry crystal-). so, from my name, everything about me MUST and SHALL be peach in color. anyway, they say that the directors choose us due to some special criteria we have eg dancing, singing or acting. in the music department list, we were separated into two groups; applicable to sing and not applicable to sing. and there were only two names in the not applicable to sing list
both of us trying to convince them that we can sing for crying out loud!!! we failed terribly though :( sigh..derek's timing was off, my keys were wrong...

anyway, as mid-terms were approaching and concert to, i had a hard time balancing both and as soon as i get back into my room, i would study study study. don't want to gamble my first exam in singapore you know. in a nutshell, i'm quite happy with the marks i got for mid-terms.
one of the scenes from the whole concert.

the fun-est part was during practice where all of us enjoyed ourselves, pushing the sky-high limit higher into space. my directors say that i sound singlish at times and my enunciation are to be corrected. because of the influence of our malaysian society, i had loads to improve on.

this is a video of san lee (my course mate and cast member) trying to walk like a supermodel or actually trying to act bimbotic ;) haha enjoy the clip. it speaks by itself.

another picture from a scene..even my pyjamas is in peach colour!

then came concert day, the day we've been waiting for. the feeling you get is awesome. anxious on how the crowd would respond to your funny antics and jokes, surprised that awaits you on stage and worries that you might miss a line or two in the whole performance.

first up, is make up. GOSH they put like 7 layers of foundation on my face as they do not want to see a single scar on your face! all my pimple scars were covered and you can really see the difference between the neck and face!
pei lyn (behind me) is my costumer, responsible to apply make up on me and also prepare my clothes to change during scenes.

final product of make-up

i hope they come up with the whole performance video so that i can grab a copy of the performance and show it to you guys back home :) and and and, we will be producing our own album of songs from the cast members somewhere around this year! damn happy la i got album (although i cannot sing)

all in all, the performances for the two days were great. the audience were happy, the alumni was happy, the concert committee members were happy, we were engulfed in joy and happiness!!! i really do not know how to convert my feelings into words. all i can say is just, *hands clapping*. nevertheless the training were tiring and exasperating at times but if you were to ask me to join concert again next year, why not? :) i'm positively positive that it will be another great eXperience for me.

below are just pictures

clara (our director)

kai li (script writer)
wei jian (asst producer- finding money for us to spend)
sam (producer-always encouraging us)

Friday, October 31, 2008

Just for Fun

haha you know how singaporeans like to use acronyms eg

BGR - Boy Girl Relationship
FUP - Form Up Point
AJF - All Julian's Fault
SRP - Sarong Party Girl (one of singapore's famous blogger)

and etc. it gets irritating at times when they suddenly come up with acronyms you never ever heard before in your life and then leave you hanging there hoping that you would understand them. waking up early in the morning for my accounting lecture on a tuesday, my lecturer, surprised me with some political humour acronyms. so this is what he said :

UMNO - United Malays National Organization
UMNO - U Must Not Object

MCA - Malaysia Chinese Association
MCA - Money Conquers ALL

and the best part is this,

MIC - Malaysia Indian Congress
MIC - Must I Come???

haha just something i would like to share with all :)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Pulau Perhentian with the ALPHA dawgs..

anyway, time to update you guys out there on my traveling journal..after having an awesome time in pulau redang with the beta house, i thought, "hey, why dont we alpha peeps go on a trip ourselves as well?" some of them were pertering me to organise a trip where all of them can hav fun! (they jealous of beta house) oh yaya the "we" i'm refering to are my classmates..

l-r : xin zhao, sin loong, me, kai shen, jin wen, yip feng, choon yong, joon hao(photographer)
l-r: sook lin, joan tan, mei yin, pei yan, doris, chiu yng

i called up the agency, negotiated for a good package and then we're set! since al of them were busy working, me and gilbert coordinated everything (pity gilbert couldnt make it..hmmm..)
so as usual, we took the night bus at 8pm and then reached jerteh (somewhere in kelantan) at bout 4am? but the agency assured me that there will be someone to pick us up no matter what time we arrive there..and they kept their words, so 2 vans picked us up ad drove us to the jetty..
we had a small breakfast while playing chor tai tee at 6am and then after registering with d'man in charge, we took the ferry! this ferry is open air wan not like the one i sat to redang..this boat was faster and when there were choppy waves, can really feel wan le..woohoo nawei..haha we had to split to 2 ferries due (10-6)
we enjoyed the whole windy 3/2 hour ride all the way to pulau perhentian..didnt manage to take a picture of sunrise but this is as close as i can get :)
upon arrival, we checked into our rooms..some slept, some took a shower, some went directly to the beach to have some fun..since we were still early and our activities doesnt start until after lunch, i took a short nap :) hmmm i was kinda disappointed with the condition of rooms as there was not a single air-cond and onli a small blowing fan.. the toilet was kinda dirty wit insects and sand (bet they rarely clean the rooms)

then came lunch time where we all gathered and had our first lunch in pulau perhentian :) the tall guy walking behind is joon hao..our personal professional cameraman..damn shud have taken photos from him..
after lunch, we went down to the beach to do play with some sand and the water..haha we werent very creative sooo we came up with something likeTHIS!!! haha dont ask me what the hell is this because i have no freaking idea! supposed to be a mummy in a tomb or something like that.. hahaus playing in the water after all d sand-building activity..while playing in the sea, we found some NEMO!!! hahaah damn excited la.. our guide said that the beach here is kinda famous for havin clownfishes near shore..and being the itchy one, i jus had to touch the sea anemone trying to catch the clownfish which made my fingers red for awhile :( hmm hmmmbefore we left for our first snorkelling trip, we had to cam-whore on the beach as well..this is me and miss lim pei crazy classmate and old friend in tuition..cheers ah yan! hope you're doing fine in usm! haha must find a bf soon know..haha ;)
so the first place they brought us was a small island called lang tengah to learn some basic snorkelling tips and method..after everyone was comfortable with their snorkelling gear, we went to ulau redang!!! went to the more more tea shop again! below is a picture of pei yan and mei yin (both are cousins) hahah
picture of the more more tea shop when it is opened..the shop sells alot of souvenirs for tourist so as usual, the price woud be jacked up ceiling high!
for the guys who did not buy anything, we entertained ourselves taking pictures all over the place..WOOHOo! finally got the six pax that i've alwiz wanted! :P (NOT!!!)
left to right in the picture is yip feng, kai shen and me..haha
i absolutely love this picture...cheers kai shen! cheers eva! hope that both of you will be together and stick together for good!! :) and if you ever break, kai shen i'll go UM and find you! I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!! this should be the picture of the year! :Dwhile some of us were having fun, some people were sunbathin under the scorching hot malaysian in malacca no sun..hahhaha :P ah yan, you're not very fair you know ;)
guys on the other hand prefer to get down and wet in the sea water..woohoo..jin wen is the guy floating with his head up and we're supposed to jump and pounce him!
these are the alpha males! from back in a clockwise motion is joon hao, choon yon, kai shen, me, jin wen, yip feng, sin loong and xin zhao.another picture of jin wen floating in the water and us trying to help him keep afloat for the picture..we were brought to many snorkelling sites around the perhentian-redang island area..we even came to this place where the water is super cold and refreshing after snorkelling under the sun for a few hours! it's jus a lil puddle of water which makes it very special :) snorkelling in perhentian was much nicer than in redang.. i managed to see sharks and the best of all, we managed to see the green sea turtle! it's not only one but freakin FOUR!! haha damn nice la..haha kai shen jus being cute..oh ya kai shen sits beside me in class :) super good friend though sometimes i annoy and irritate him, he still loves me more than he loves his gf :D heh heh..all of the guys having a snap shot at the puddle of cold water.. the guy wearing the black swimsuit and the guy in blue trunks are our guides for the whole 3days..*girls shy*
sorry i couldnt remember which picture was taken on which day and where we went according to the schedule..on the last night we were there, we had a barbeque dinner! looking down is some of our guys helping out at the bbq pit..later that night, we had a drinking session where i brought a bottle of chiva's and then we bought some orangutan(island made whiskey) and some vodka(also island made)..surprisingly, they taste kinda good..the orangutan has a nice vanilla smell and the vodka, well, smells like vodka! haha played some games till bout 4 in the morning.. we actually made a guy staying there coming up to our room and scolding us! damn i nearlly got punched! we went down in a group to the beach to walk under the moonlight :) so nice..i was a lil bit tipsy and i couldnt walk in a straight line so i had ppl supportin me..

the next day, we all woke up at bout 8something because we wanted to go jungle trekking..a lil drunk from yest nite because we actually found a jungle trekking path along the island.. anyway we went for the jungle trekking (everyone went) and it took us about 1hour++ to get to the other side of the island! it was fantastic! haven't been doing jungle trekking for so long then suddenly go jungle trekking..jus love it la..hahah anyway, we did not take the jungle route back to our resort because our guide said that we could follow along the shoreline and we'll b back in no time!

so we walk..we walk..and we walk..andddd we walkkkkkkk for dunno how long..then we came to the beach where there were super huge mountain boulders kinda rocks..we were LOST!!! holly cow and we were to go back on that day before 2pm? and the time was like 1230! i feel so damn worried cause we already bought the tickets and we were stuck in the island f boulders! some wanted to go turn back and use the jungle route again but that was the minority..we went forward till we found some stairs!! HOPE!! we gladly went up the stair and what do we find at the top of the hill?? a light house!!! TADAA!!! and a dead end..sigh

i thought we're not gonna make it back in time and to make matters worst, no snorkelling boats were sighted! so i asked them to stay at one side while me and jin wen swim to get help..after crossing like 2 boulders, we saw a boat!!!! holly cow!! i was so happy and relieved! that was the only boat there so i me and jin wen swing our shirts to attract attention!!!

finally the guide came, helped us in calling another boat to pick us all up!!! gosh i was really really happy..pray and you shall be answered :) the sunburn and cuts on the feet was worth it :)

10mins later, a boat came to our rescue..fetched us all back to he resort and by the time we reached, it was already 130! all of us have to bathe and change into clean clothes but having only two toilet rooms, the girls have priority :) we guys bathe at the tap in front of the rooms! ahahaha was kinda fun actually :) should've called the girls for a photo with us eh? :Pso we quickly bathed, change clothes and then board the boat back to the jetty..luckily we were just in we reached the jetty at about 330pm and decided to walk around the jetty area..we even jumped on a lorry where some workers were loadin their stuffs on it! gosh we damn suah ku la..and we even took a picture!we managed to find a small restaurant serving seafood which was kinda expensive but well, worth the money :) we ordered a fish, vege, egg and chicken for our dinner..the bill came to bout 170++? haha after finishing our dinner, we were driven to the bus station to take the bus back to and ah yan taking a pic together..haha supposed to show all my hunky singaporean male guys dis picture of her :D wakakak advertisement the bus station waiting for our bus at on the way back home, we slept thru the night and then SUDDENLY, the bus broke down in the middle of a plantation at 3am (no highway linking back to malacca)!!!! walaueh knnccbomgwtfbbqsauce la..jump from hot pot into fire..due to some problems with the suspension, the bus cannot continue the journey back to malacca :( we waited till the next morning at bout 10am for the next bus to come pick us up..damn waste time lo..sigh sigh..gosh i was bored to death until the girls put me on to wear this!hahahah damn diva and gay la!!! :D
thats the end of my traveling journal :) this was my last trip with all my friends since now all of us are far apart..some studying all the way in penang and in sabah as well..well, eXperience are to be gained and who else betta if not friends? soooo, cheers to all and may we have another trip together as a class :)

damn i got bored of studying and decided to blog..arrgghhh study study study...

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

busy busy busy busy....

had been very busy for the past few weeks i've started my uni life in NUS..1st week was straight orientation and i was involved in the float dance during that time..for anyone who hasn't seen d movie, here is d link

anyway after the dance, we started schooling and i had to find my way around campus which was kinda exciting in a way. haha i have yet to take pictures of NUS but i will do it real soon!

BUT, i will onli have the chance when october comes because i am in a production in my halls (raffles hall) where i have to dance, sing and act :) kinda interesting and fun la..however, there is always a prawn behind the stone..i have to practice everyday from 8-12am after class from monday to friday for the next 8 weeks! phewwww

well gotta peace out now coz gonna hav classes soon..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Redang with the Beta House!

after the results were out, the betarians (beta is the 1st bio class in high school) thought they needed a sweet reward themselves for a good studying year :) so, darren invited me to join his class trip to Redang! so i said okay! coz i've always wanted to go to Redang for holidays! :D so we all left on a monday night so that we will reach Kuala Terengganu early the next morning..the whole bus trip took us bout 8 hours and we reached the bus station as early as 4am! so, upon reaching, pei shuan (organiser) called up the travel agency who is responsible for our transport to the jetty and told us that we have to wait till 7am..picture of half of the gang posing for a pic at the bus station
super-de-duper-extra large-extra crunchy-extra hard-extra long COCKY stick..whoops its CHOCKY :P

so we sat the bus to the jetty which took us about an hour..and sitting behind me, were 3 super irritating-canto-speaking women!! i was trying to sleep and then they burst out talking so loudly which i turned behind and scold them "eh mahai kanine shut up la! people trying to sleep here ballz! if all 3 of you don wanna sleep, just shut the f*ck up or get the hell out of he freaking bus! damn canto-speaking bitches"

anyway, i didnt muster enought courage to do that :( sigh..and thankfully i had a good 40mins wink ;) when i woke up, all 3 of them were still talking away! gosh they wont just shuddup!!!
picture by the jetty while waiting for the ferry to come
shi yi trying to strangle wee sim..but looks like wee sim is enjoying it :)

i love boat rides! the sea was superbly blue with shades of green and the sky was sunny but not hot! the ferry was fast so it was windy! haha enjoyed the ferry ride the whole way!!

we reached Redang Pelangi Resort at about 12pm whereby there was a guide ready to give us a briefing on what are the activities and what time food will be served (we took a package which includes food and accommodation) so i shared a room with darren, alex, gilbert, wee sim and chester but then later on chester went to join the other guys room..the room wasnt THAT big but it was cosy enough to fit 5 of us in! :)
having a quick snap-snap before going down for lunch

i was very happy with the beach colour which was pearly white and not the light brown you see in klebang beach..eiww..the water was so clean and clean that i cant wait to get myself wet! gosh the euphoria that enveloped me!! i was like a five year old who found a large lolly and only ME can enjoy it!
boats, sand and sea
the resort from the sea

so, after lunch, we headed to the snorkeling center to rent our snorkeling gear which includes a mask and life jacket for RM25..we headed down to the beach for a stroll before heading out to the sea for our first snorkeling trip! (there were 3 trips all together)
the hammock and sun bathing area for people

found a beach football court
darren saving a goal from alexander!

the first day was kinda tiring because i didnt have much sleep on the bus and so, my first day in Redang ended at 9pm when i sleep..haha

On the second day, we had two snorkeling trips around the area and one of it was the Marine park where we saw turtles (REAL LIFE ONES) hatching and crawling out of the sand! and the people from the nature's society were picking them up to put them in buckets full of water..they were kind enough to let us even play with them! :)

anyway, we didnt have an underwater camera so, we didnt take any pictures underwater :(:( all the nice fishes..the clown fish..the turtles..all ZERO pics..well actually one can rent the camera for a minimal fee but we didnt take it..
5 beta girls who joined in the trip..pheewit!
me and gilbert striking the "model" pose cause only both of us from alpha and we were requested to do it ;) mahai damn gays ballz...
hahaha dont play play with mr chong junior tetek and six packs OKAYZ!! hahah
group pix!!

so, somebody found the banana boat and each boat can only take 7 people at one go but there were 16 of us! haha me and alex sat out on the banana boat ride which was AWESOME (i hate you darren!) anyway, while waiting for their turn to go on the ride, bao ling decided to bury ME! haha this is a movie of me being buried :D

note the hand with the wrist bands! it belongs to DARREN and NOTE the places he touches!!
*cant upload d video now will try again later*

haha the two masters and their piece of art (me)..darren getting excited with my man-made-sandy-boobs
darren gave me a third boob!!
darren kicking me sandy ballz
anyway, everybody lend a hand in helping to make Calvin the Sandman! *time to fight spider-man* haha in this case, too many cooks didnt spoil the soup because 16 brains are obviously better than only two!
just nice after completing me, it was their turn to go on the banana boat ride..since there were another group waiting, qing liang, gilbert, bao ling and me made another miniature sandman!!! haha sorry la malaysia dont have snow so we had to make use of sand and corals to decorate our "snowman"
qing liang then went to kick the "snowman's" head!! woohoo no more head and very accurate her kick :D
everybody came back from the banana boat with large smiles and hu-hu-ha-ha all the way!! after the banana boat ride, we had a bbq dinner where the resort burns the food for us and we eat :) they served sausages, chicken wings, lamb chops, fishball, ikan bakar, and many more!! but darren, gilbert and me had only a lil bit of everything cause we were late for dinner :(
before we started eating dinner

after dinner, we had our rounds of junk food and a games..we played a game called "wu gui" in english, means turtle..the game goes like this:
-one card is taken out of the deck of cards and the cards are divided equally among players.
-take out any pairs you have in your, pair of QQ, pair of 44 and etc
-then when everybody is done, one will start taking cards from the person beside him/her (any direction is fine)
-the card will travel until all the pairs are up and somebody will hold the card without the pair!
him/her is the TURTLE!! and will be forfited!!

after the game or turtle cards, i taught them a game again with the cards called "scare me not" which goes something like this:
-all the cards are scattered, face down
-everybody is to pick a card but DO NOT turn it over!
-on the count of 3, put the card on your forehead!
-show it to everybody who is playing the game also
-everybody is to place forfited foods of any amount (but we limit la) in the center of the table (eg biscuits, drinks, keropok and etc)
-the person who has the highest card number or smallest card number has to eat/drink everything on the forfited table :D
some of them doin the card game demo..we played with water so everybody had to pee pee after awhile ;)me and darren enjoying the super huge chocky..syok ballz

after playing all the games, we took a stroll on the night beach because people say in Redang, there is something called "blue sand"'s actually some worm or microorganism which emits blue light like ultraman when in danger "ti tung, ti tung, ti tung" :)

we found a blue dildo on the beach! woohooo!!! haha nola jus joking la..dont know what the hell is dildo
darren sitting on the hammock and me secretly posing behind him! :D
group posing in the middle of the night beach..haha me and darren supposed to do the dragon ball merging stance between small goku and ten (it's ten rite??)
everybody looking around for some blue sand
me, holding some blue sand in my palms which soon turn itchy :(:( but after washing it with the sea water, back to normal :)

after hunting for blue sand, we had some malibu (compliments of wee sim) and pineapple was lights out after our drinking session

so, the last day has arrived! the end of fun and adventure..we had to check out before 12 because there were other people checking in on the same day as well..played a lil bit of mah jong with edmund, alex and qing liang before sitting the ferry back to kuala, relaxing on the hammock..i fell from it while trying to sit on it for the first time x(
me, together with darren,taking a pic with a new friend from batu pahat :) hello li pink!!
spotted this small boy with his super cool hairstyle..cheers babe!
a picture of qing liang and bao ling..

anyway, everybody is away studying and separated from one another..yet, some managed to end up in the same place..good luck to everybody from beta house (all future doctors, dentist and pharmacist leh..must bodek them rite?? :P) and may GOD bless and guide you in everything you do!