Monday, August 17, 2009

My pet, Chuck

Behold, my new pet, a MEXICAN RED KNEED TARANTULA (Brachypelma smithi)

a picture of a full grown tarantula (such beautiful and rich colours)

One hot afternoon, after having durian with my mom, Teo Wee Sim called whether i wanna go
have a look at spiders in his cousin's pet shop as he wanted to get a phyton himself (crazy dude) I thought the shop would not have the species i wanted and thought it would be expensive because they're considered exotic pets..

As soon as we reached there, we played with lizards, mice, hamster, green snake, white snake, black snake, phyton and finally, on the shelf, a few tupperwares of tarantulas...... i've found my new pet :) a few of u might know that i had one tarantula bout 2 years ago but died :( SO, you guys will know how excited i was when i saw the tarantulas there!!! Instantly, i bought myself ONE MEXICAN RED KNEED TARANTULA without second thoughts! He's worth 80bux but its standard price...

This is Chuck, my spider :) Chuck is with me in Singapore, thanks to Anthony ;)
He is currently on a cricket diet but i'm trying to find other foods for him to eat so dat he doesn't gets bored with just eating crickets. looking for bread-worms as well

Chuck in his 15cm x 8.5 x 12cm fish aquarium with some terrain :) the bottle cap acts a small puddle of water so that he's well hydrated. The best part of rearing a tarantula is feeding it. I think it's really cool for a predator to actually get ready, scout then attack! will try and post a video if ever i get to record it in time :)

That is all about my new pet! The net says that it has a life span of up to 25 years meaning this pet will be with me till i'm 46 years old!!!! max la...hahahah


*flower in spring* said...

What an odd hobby of yours to rear tarantulas! *blinks and runs away*

Calvin Tan said...

hahaa it's a really cool pet really really :) you should get one too! :D

Calvin Tan said...
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TsuChong said...

Try feed KFC chicken wing see what happen