Monday, June 22, 2009


Finally i have something to write in my blog :)

Went to Penang for the weekend to visit Cindy Chew Xindee. Thought she had to work from 8am-5pm, she still fetched me from Pacific Megamall. She looked super drained from work but she had to fetch me (xindee, yawning is a sign of disrespect) niahaha!

My bus on Friday (19th June) was at 930am and as i woke up quite late, i made a dash for the bus station, assuring my granny and mom that i've taken everything! Upon reaching the bus station, i realised i forgot to bring my bus ticket!!! MAJOR PFFFTT!! luckily they had the ticket serial number so i called my aunt to search for my ticket's the serial number and i was able to board the bus. Now this bus stops in Pudu to drop passengers BUT their stop lasted for TWO FUCKING HOURS. They wanted to fill the bus with passengers before heading for Butterworth. And the bus driver did not tell us how long we're stopping so i didnt go down to have lunch luckily i had a small piece of choc in my bag..

ONE hour after the bus finally started moving, the bus broke down =.= something wrong with the belt or something like that. Apparently, the bus driver could not repair what was wrong and so we had to wait for other buses to come and help us continue the journey!

the bus driver in red in the bus engine area, trying to repair the bus.. haha the other guy in red is trying to show is ass :P

I reached at bout 650pm at Pacific Megamall and Dee fetched me at 745pm :) By then, i was feeling faint from hunger so Dee brought me to have char kueh teow and also penang laksa!!! was nice and i was all happy again :D anyway, dinner ended quite late and so we didn't do much on friday night expect drive around Auto-City! Oh my gawd! How i wish Malacca had a place like Auto-City! So much food and things to do there! On top of the fun we had, Dee is not a very good driver :( she gets lost in her playground! And she stops in the middle of the road thinking whether to turn left or right when there is a car behind!!! ahahah..Slept kinda early because Dee and I was already feeling tired by 12 something :)

The next morning (20th June), we went to the market to have breakfast. Do you know that you can still get a cup of Kopi-peng for 90cents?? A plate of chee chung fan and northern otak-otak for RM2.10?? it's so cheappppp at the market area! After lunch, we headed for a drive around town. She showed me her old school, how she skips school as a prefect and go have fun in The Summit =.= She brought me to Permatang Pauh (woohooo Anwar's area). We didn't do much in butterworth but just drive around :)

Dee trying to shoo off a stupid mosquito trying to take a picture of her driving :P

Finally i managed to take a pic of the rabbit-tooth-cindy :P
St. Anne's church in Butterworth..Enormous church in Butterworth!!
10 commandments on the rock in St. Anne's church

According to Dee, i'm fat..So we went to Hutan Lipur and Mengkuang Dam to exercise.. In the Hutan, i found the BIG millipede and put it on Dee's head! She screamed so loud, even the deaf uncle in the park could hear her and came running to help her :P nah just joking but Dee was really scared of the milipede when i took it on the stick..

Dee putting her leg near the milipede

Mengkuang dam

Still on saturday, we also visited the Nutmeg factory to get some nutmeg juice for the hawt day. We were unlucky because they were already sold out by the time we were there. And THEN my 2nd unlucky incident happened! i tripped on a wooden box which i avoided but I dunno HOW or WHAT made my shoelace stuck to the box and i was struggling to balance on one leg so that i do not fall into the drain in front of me! luckily i managed to escape from the box but with bloody scratches on my body :( There i was, trying to balance myself, Dee was there laughing her head off!! minutes later, Dee reversed into a motorcycle!! *did i mention her poor driving skills?* PADAN MUKA FOR LAUGHING AND NOT HELPING ME :'( i drove us around from then on..niahahahaha!! soon, it was dinner time and I had dinner in a thai restaurant in Auto-City with Dee's parents which was quite good and the place had a bazaar kinda thing there so we walk walk around..

Sunday came and it was a day of worship so Dee brought me to her church. So happen on that day itself, they were celebrating parents day and it was kinda nice to see the kids putting up performances for their parents :) after church, Dee's parents brought me over to ISLAND Penang! YAY!! 1st stop, was authentic penang laksa and nutmeg juice in Balik Pulau :) it was gooooood..very spicy but good..enjoyed island penang d whole day then headed back to butterworth at about 930pm. My bus back to Malacca was at 12am so need to come back to pack and bathe :)
fresh coconut!! damn nice and coolingggg

Dee posing on the hill top

I thought Sunday would be an OKAY day since nothing unlucky happened but i was wrong! while I was on the bus, sleeping peacefully and swaying away in dreamland, dreaming about luohan and naked gir... *BOOOP!* ...WHAT??? WHO WHACK ME?? I woke up in an angry state, clenching my buku 555 and ready to whack the person who hit my head so hard! It was so pain i woke up swearing *in my head*! I looked around and all i see was me in the dark bus and the flashing street lights. Every passenger was still fast asleep -__- It took me about 1minute to realise it was just a BAG and not any bag, it's the HARD HAND LUGGAGE BAG!! so painnnn..

I was holding this position for 1 minute or so..Fucking bag..Fuck you bag!!

Thats all of my journey in Penang for the weekend :) I would like to thank Deedee and family for hosting me in Penang as it was enjoyable :) Will be goin to Sagil tomorrow if everything works out fine! Till then, tooddles!! :D:D