Wednesday, December 17, 2008

to help or not to help?

woohooo! finally i'm back home after attending touch rugby training for next year's inter hall games.

was in larkin, johore yesterday to take a bus back to malacca at 7 pm. chilled at mcd while reading LEXEAN, a book that discusses everything and anything in the world from coups in Thailand to the education system in Malaysia. as i was reading the book, Girl A suddenly approached me, representing a charity organization, asking for donations. she blabbered out everything in mandarin which i could barely comprehend and when she finished talking, i was like "huh?" -_- but i did understand a lil that she wants to collect donations to buy pampers for the disabled ranging from RM 35 to RM 55. i told her i did not have enough money and gave her 5 bux out of goodwill. so i continued reading my book.

10 mins later, Girl A's friend, Girl B came up to me asking me to donate again! now Girl B was very persuasive. she stood quite close to me and gave me a few nudges on my triceps. i was like "errr excuse me can you please stop that?" she made me uncomfortable when i stick close to the wall, the wall and me nearly became one. anyway i told her i had already donated and i will not donate again.

at 630, i decided to walked to the platform to wait for the bus. and as i was walking there, Girl B approached me again asking me to DONATE!!! (knnccbwtfmhshkbkbbbqsauce) she followed me for a few minutes trying to persuade me to donate. my broken trolley bag did not help in my attempt to run away from her. it came up to the point where she said something i felt disgusted. because i told her i did not have enough RM to donate, she told me i could donate a combination of SD and RM!!!!! SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK MAN. (ps: i did not tell her i was studying in singapore) i smiled politely and continued walking while telling her i do not have enough cash at hand. thank god she never ask me to donate in NETS. i will end up slapping her. so she left me after i stood firm on my decision of not donating anymore.

the second incident struck when i was already in the bus. a guy suddenly came over to my seat asking whether i would like to put my bag in the top compartment and i said no. he continued asking whether i was alone and i said yes and conveniently sat down beside me. he told me he was an ex-convict, just released that day and wants to go home to malacca......STOP!!! REWIND!!! ex-convict?? honestly i do not have anything against convicts but the fact i was scared because i just took out my psp to play. i was so scared he was gonna point a knife at me and take my valuables. come on peeps, it's johore, infamous for robberies and theft among students.

apparently, he just wanted to ask me for some money to buy a bus ticket back home to see his family. phewwww. what a relieve. he told me he needed 7bux more to get a ticket but i told him i could only help him by giving him 3bux. he tried to squeeze another dollar out from me but i told him sorry i did not have enough change to give him. he shook my hand and left after that.

giving donations to people in need and helping to collect donations from the public is a noble thing to do but till what extend would you do it? how far would your hand reach out? will you donate all you got? (financially or physically?) would you succumb to their sad story and help them? i admit that i am quite stingy when it comes to giving donations now because of a simple reason that i am still a student. in future, when i have the means and ability to donate, i will!